Pixel Unit

Uniquely combines an AC power socket and fully integrated 5A Twin USB Fast Charger (TUF) in a compact 80mm grommet unit. PixelTUF enables the time-short mobile worker to charge a laptop at the same time as charging their
mobile phone and tablet! Perfect for hot desks, drop in areas, schools, airports & hotels. PixelTUF fits almost flush at any angle into a standard 80mm grommet cut out without the need for tools. You may even forget it’s there until you
need it. PixelTUF’s unique sweeping organic curves ensure protection against liquid ingress as required by AS/

AC socket with fully integrated 5A Twin USB fast charger (patent pending). Available in double TUF design with 4
USB outlets, delivering a total of 10A charging capacity. Stylish organic design ensures protection against liquid ingress. High strength polycarbonate enclosure-only 50mm deep from desk surface. Available in black or white with silver grommet ring. Accepts a range of different nationality AC power sockets . Data or A/V cable pull through feature. Fits into a standard 80mm grommet hole in desktops or panels 1mm to 40mm thick, without the need for tools.

8 x Modern colours available on request- Contact us today for more information & pricing


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